7 Simple Tricks to Fight the Pigeon Menace

7 Simple Tricks to Fight the Pigeon Menace

Pigeons are one of the most prolific pests in cities and other urban areas.

Through their sheer numbers, the mess they create plus the diseases and parasites that they carry, they are simply a massive menace.

So what can you do to get rid of a pigeon problem?

Here are 7 simple tricks that you can use to get rid of pigeons and keep them away from your property:

1. Reflective Surfaces

Pigeons are deterred by flashing lights and reflective surfaces that reflect sunlight and move in the wind.

Anything like this is a simple means of creating a similar effect.

Hang pieces of glass or mirror on gutters or the edge of a roof or any other areas where the pigeons are causing the greatest problems is ideal.

Old, scratched CD’s or DVD’s are also perfect reflective tools.

2. Pigeon Spikes

Bird spikes, placed on surfaces where the pigeons are most likely to land, prevent them from finding their footing and therefore act as an effective deterrent.

These spikes are available at most hardware or pest control stores or you can simply use barbed wire for the same effect.

Alternatively, attach drinking straws to a hard, plastic surface and place these in areas where the pigeons are most likely to land.

3. Mesh

Wrapping mesh around railings has a similar effect to bird spikes basically preventing birds from landing on the railing.

Those nylon mesh bags that are used to hold vegetables are ideal to fulfil this function and can be tied to railings using string or cable ties.

4. Natural Predators

Cats, dogs, snakes and birds of prey are a pigeon’s natural predators.

While having the real thing can be highly effective at deterring pigeons, these birds are not the most intelligent of species.

Therefore, toys or fake animals placed in strategic areas can act as highly effective deterrents.

5. Bird Nets

Bird nets are made from very fine threads with multiple tiny knots throughout the fibres.

These nets capture birds and once a pigeon has been trapped, it will not return to the area for fear of becoming entangled again.

The nets also act to deter pigeons whose keen eyesight will make the nets highly visible to them meaning that they won’t want to fly or land near the netting to avoid becoming entangled.

The downfall is that other birds can get trapped in the nets and the nets will need to be cleared on a regular basis.

6. Slippery Surfaces

Slippery surfaces also make it difficult for pigeons to land.

Petroleum jelly or baby oil create slippery surfaces, especially metal surfaces, that will prevent pigeons from being able to land on these surfaces.

7. Angles

Any sloping surface is impossible for a pigeon to land or find purchase.

A simple sheet of metal or hard plastic sheeting that has a smooth surface placed at an angle of about 60 degrees is the perfect solution for ledges where pigeons are spending an extended period of time.

These deterrents can be highly successful at getting rid of the pigeon menace.

However, if they are ineffective at sending these flying rats on their way, it is highly recommended to call in the experts and find a pest control service that specialises in bird control and management techniques.

Be aware that even if the bird control specialists are able to effectively eliminate a pigeon problem, nothing is stopping the birds from returning or a new flock from taking up roost.

Make sure that your pest control services provide an effective means to deter and prevent this from happening.

Alternatively, employ one or more of the above mentioned simple techniques to make a structure as unappealing to the birds as possible.

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