About Us

Feral Bird Management

Feral Bird Management has been on the cutting edge of bird management and problem prevention for the past 30 years, with high recommendations coming from Department of Environment and Conservation, councils, large commercial and industrial entities, as well as local and rural residents. We have encountered very large and also very delicate situations where birds have reached plague proportions, or just simple cases of intolerable dilapidation to property and surrounding areas caused by birds and their debris. We have fostered and maintained a strong connection with local government and with the business sector of our community.

Feral Bird Management’s long term family ownership has resulted in a personal, reliable and dependable service history for our customers.

We have developed modern, sophisticated methods and approaches to eradicating most feral bird problems. Feral Bird Management uses every industry-approved high tech method of bird control to make our work more efficient. The wealth of experience and expertise our taskforce has accumulated has enabled our company to have successfully completed over 5000 throughout Western Australia. Feral Bird Management has achieved continued success simply by providing experience, obtained through years of continued development of techniques to correctly assess and implement changes to overcome difficult and costly situations caused by nuisance birds.

For consultation on feral bird control, or advice on related issues, contact one of our experienced and helpful office staff.

Our office staff can immediately contact our consultants anywhere. Our consultants are able to make command decisions on the spot and can handle virtually any request or problem you may encounter.

All our customers get the personal, fully interactive service we are known for in the industry. Our company, supervised by a working owner, is dedicated to keeping the best possible service and safety standards for our customers. If you employ us to do any work, we guarantee to supply only the best professional services to your home or business.