14 November 2018
Keep Birds Off

Help! I Like Birds But I Don’t Want My Garden To Be Their New Habitat!

Birds are a wonderful part of our beautiful planet earth, in fact, life really would not be the same without them. With such an incredible range of bird life boasting […]
13 November 2018
Bird Control

What You Can Do To Scare Birds Away

Birds can be considered pests when they choose to nest or roost in regions where their debris and faeces can be considered a hazard. Every year, homeowners and building owners […]
7 November 2018
Bird Control Methods

Discover The Types Of Methods To Scare Birds

Scaring birds is something that you may have to do from time to time. This can be because you want to keep the birds out of your garden, but it […]
2 November 2018
Bird Control

Bird Control – What Works And What Doesn’t

Birds can bring great joy to our lives. The sheer site of out feathered friends soaring above us and the beauty of the many different species contribute to our enjoyment […]
21 August 2018

People Feeding Causes Problems

Most conflicts with pigeons can be tied at one point or another to feeding, intentionally or otherwise. Avoid attracting pigeons by cleaning up leftover food scraps and crumbs. Innolytics, LLC. […]