Common Ways Of Keeping Birds Off Your Garden

Common Ways Keeping Birds Off Garden

Do you have any trouble with birds wreaking havoc on your garden or vegetable patch? Let’s take a look below and some of the most common and humane ways to deter them.

Birds are gentle on the eye but can at times be a nuisance, especially in our gardens. Some birds can be destructive as they feed on a mature crop of veggies or dig up and feed on the seeds.

Species of blackbirds and crows are some of the bird types famed for destroying crops and gardens. Pigeons are also known to strip down cabbages, leaving only a bare stem.

Homeowners maintaining home gardens have over the years devised ways of keeping such birds off their gardens to preserve their produce. Methods of keeping these birds off the garden range from humane tactics to drastic methods.

Those who embrace organic farming favour the humane and natural tactics for conservation. Gardeners looking to keep away birds from their gardens can try out any of the following ways for better vegetable and tuber produce:

  • Garden netting
  • Use terror eye balloons
  • Use chicken wire
  • Apply tech-based methods
  • Build scarecrows
  • Use a plastic predator or toy snake
  • Garden spinners
  • Use CDs and mirrors

1. Garden Netting

Netting is probably the most common method used in keeping birds and other animals away from your garden, including bats, snakes and lizards.

It’s one of the most natural and harmless ways of keeping birds away from the vegetables as the net is just a deterrent. Some birds may get stuck in the net, but you can easily free them.

Getting a strong net will ensure its longevity, and you can keep birds off your garden for a long time.

2. Terror Eye Balloons

These balloons have lately become popular bird-scaring products. They are large and brightly-coloured inflatable balls with ‘eyes’ printed on them.

Their bright colour and sudden movement whenever the breeze blows scare away the birds as they think a predator is watching them. They can always be customised for a terrifying look or brighter colours as required by a gardener.

3. Chicken Wire

Chicken wire is commonly used for gardens on which seeds have recently been sown. It can also be set up on a garden where tubers have recently been planted.

The chicken wire helps prevent birds from scratching seeds and tubers from the soil. As the seeds and tubers germinate and grow, the chicken wire is lifted to create more space for plant growth.

4. Tech-Based Methods

Some gardeners often turn to technology to keep birds off their gardens. Gadgets that are fitted with chips are often used to produce a range of sounds that mimic bird predators such as hawks and owls.

These sounds scare away birds like pigeons without harming them.

5. Build Scarecrows

Scarecrows are also popular for scaring birds away and protecting the garden produce. A good scarecrow is built on a strong stake that can easily be pulled and erected at a different position in the garden.

It should also be decorated with brightly coloured rugs to scare birds away from the garden.

6. Plastic Predators/Toy Snakes

Decoy owls or falcons can also be mounted in the garden to deter birds from hanging around. These decoys are effective at keeping away sparrows, pigeons and blackbirds.

For the best results, these toys should be moved around the garden so that the birds think that the predator is taking different positions.

7. Garden Spinners

Spinners are small and sturdy, which scare away birds whenever the wind blows them. Their sudden movement does the trick, and they should always be moved around the garden for the best results.

8. CDs and Mirrors

You can probably guess why these are used. Whenever they are exposed to sunlight, they are flashy and also have sudden movements whenever the wind blows.

As birds are not fond of flashing light, they will always disperse whenever CDs and mirrors spin.

Gardeners have different tactics of keeping birds away from their gardens. By using natural ways that don’t harm the birds, the garden produce is preserved, and the birds are protected from harm.

Most of these methods are based on sudden movements, flashing lights and producing scary sounds, and are all effective in keeping birds off the garden.

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