Help! I Like Birds But I Don’t Want My Garden To Be Their New Habitat!

Keep Birds Off

Birds are a wonderful part of our beautiful planet earth, in fact, life really would not be the same without them. With such an incredible range of bird life boasting fabulous colours, curious characteristics and stunning song, it is little wonder that so many people enjoy encouraging birds to come to their garden.

All that being said, if you find yourself in a situation where an abundance of birds seem to be setting up home in your outdoor living space, your love and admiration of birds may just have gone down a notch!

Of course, we understand that you do not want in any way to harm these beautiful creatures, however, what you do want is for them to set up their home somewhere else. What can you do? Let’s take a look at a few methods which are commonly used in such situations.

Garden Netting

One way to stop birds from getting into your flowers, vegetables and so forth is to create barriers around your garden. You can use garden netting for this purpose. Some people find it useful to use hoops that they can pull butterfly netting over to create a protective barrier around their flowers and veggies.

Bird Netting

Of course, this idea is very much on a practical level. Certainly, if the growth of what is in your garden is the most important thing on your mind then you likely will not mind such netting making its presence known all over your garden area. However, if your garden also serves as an outdoor living space for you and your family, perhaps many rooms in the house have a view over the garden, having an array of needed areas may not exactly be the garden-look you have been aiming for!

Terror Eyes Balloon

Birds know that they have predators and are very quick to avoid situations where they feel that a threat may exist. Terror eyes balloons are inflatable balls which have an eye design printed on them. Usually, they are bright in colour. The balloons will move around a little in the breeze, hence the movement, the design and the colour can give birds the idea that a predator is watching them. Your garden hence becomes a less desirable place for birds to ‘hang out’ as it were, and you start to enjoy a garden with fewer birds calling it home.

A problem does exist with this way of scaring birds away from your garden; it may scare you and your visitors too! While the terror eyes balloons can, in fact, be very effective, their appearance is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. If you feel they add a sense of fun and humour to your garden then, by all means, go for it, they will go a long way in scaring birds away. However, if the idea of a large eyeball floating around above your pretty flower bed isn’t what you were hoping for, we understand if you give this idea a miss!

Enlist The Help Of An Expert

Working out how to scare birds away from your garden can be a tricky task. This is especially the case if you don’t want to make a massive impact on how your garden appears. For instance, you may have one area of your garden which is out of sight to some extent and where you grow various crops. For this area, a netting design could be the ideal choice. However, for other areas, you may like a method which is less visible to the eye.

TIn addition, you may also have an issue with birds nesting and are unsure what you can do to deter them without implementing anything which would be cruel. All of these situations can exist in one garden and cause the homeowner to be rather overwhelmed as to where on earth to start. If you are struggling with such a situation, we recommend for you to make contact with Feral Bird Management without delay.

Give Feral Bird Management A Call

With over three decades of experience in the art of bird management, Feral Bird Management has been highly recommended by the Department of Environment and Conservation, as well as councils, large entities and rural residents.

This is a company that has successfully handled a wide range of bird management situations. Some of these have been where the bird population has reached plague level, other situations have called for a very delicate approach. The experience and knowledge which the company has acquired during these years of dealing with such a wide variety of cases mean that they can confidently care for the situation you find yourself in today. So if you are looking for a professional, efficient, kind and humane approach to your bird management issue, it’s time to contact us today!