How Beneficial Are Bird Nets for My House?

How Beneficial Are Bird Nets for My House

Bird nets are the ideal way to protect your house from invasive and feral bird species. 

Birds, especially in numbers, can cause structural damage and negatively affect the appearance of your home with droppings, nesting material and other mess. 

Over and above this, there are over 60 diseases that can be transmitted to humans by birds and their droppings – some of which can be fatal. 

Choosing high-quality nets will prevent the negative impact of having birds invade your home and property.

  • Durability and strength is of prime importance when choosing bird nets.
  • UV resistant materials are essential to ensure longevity.
  • Materials should be of a high quality that should last at least 7 years before needing replacement.
  • Professional installation is recommended for the best results even though the bird nets can be installed by anyone with basic handyman skills.
  • Bird netting is available in different shades and colours to suit individual needs.

So let’s take a look now at how quality bird nets can benefit your house.

1. Humane Bird Trap

A high-quality bird net should not injure or kill birds that become trapped in the netting. However, it is important to check and clear the nets regularly. 

Gloves should be worn when releasing the birds from the net to protect against sharp beaks and claws as well as the disease and parasites carried by birds.

2. Ideal Deterrent

Once a bird has been trapped in the net, it is unlikely to return to the same area for fear of becoming trapped again. 

This makes bird nets the ideal means to deter birds from returning to your house once they have been trapped.

3. Light and Air

The fine mesh of a bird net should not affect the amount of natural light and air that reaches your home. 

Some netting does have a light stabiliser which reduces the shade effect that the net may have. 

The stabiliser has the added benefit of reducing the harshest rays of the sun adding an additional layer of protection to your house from the harmful UV rays. 

The netting will, therefore, keep the house and surrounding areas cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

4. Pollination

The mesh on bird netting is not fine enough to prevent insects from passing through. 

This is important to ensure that the plants in your garden are properly pollinated. 

Preventing insects from entering a garden can negatively impact the plants and other vegetation that have a symbiotic relationship with the insects.

5. Shade and Color

Bird nets come in a variety of shades and colours to suit varying needs. 

Green netting will blend in with the surrounding vegetation but may stand out in stark contrast to the colour of your house. 

Black netting is a popular choice for houses with dark tiled roofs. If you want the netting to be clearly visible, red, orange or yellow netting is recommended.

6. Cost Effective

As far as bird control measures go, bird netting is highly cost-effective when choosing a durable product that will last the expected minimum of 7 years. 

In some cases, where additional wear and tear takes place, the nets may need to be replaced more often. 

If damage occurs in a specific area, a small section of the netting can be repaired or replaced rather than the entire net.

Apart from ensuring that you choose quality, durable bird nets for your house, it is also highly recommended to contact the experts for the best advice. 

They will assist you in ensuring that the netting is installed to achieve the best results as well as to provide you with the greatest value for your money.

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