How Do You Get Rid Of Feral Birds Around The House?

Are feral birds wreaking havoc around your home, building, business or apartment? Are you wondering how to get rid of feral birds around the house? If so, please read more below.

Feral birds like pigeons can cause many problems in your home or garden including leaving behind constant droppings and loud cooing sounds that can disturb your sleep early in the morning.

Feral bird droppings are unhealthy, and you will be surprised to know the number of pathogens and diseases present in pigeon poop. They also spread mites and lice on your property.

That’s why you need to get rid of feral birds around the house. Following are some of the methods you can use for this.

  • Using an ultrasonic bird repeller
  • Using scary decoys
  • Using bird gel repellents
  • Calling a professional feral bird management service

Using An Ultrasound Bird Repeller

Installing an electronic ultrasound bird repeller is one of the most effective methods of getting rid of feral birds from your property. This device will emit a disturbing sound wave that only birds and other pests can detect.

Humans cannot detect the sound that is being emitted from the repeller. The sound is an ultrasonic frequency that is too high for us to hear. The high-frequency, harsh noise is set off by infrared motion detection.

It will scare off pigeons on your property. The sound is threatening enough to pigeons and other feral birds that they will not come back to roost anywhere near the device.

You can set the volume of the device depending on the threat. Start with a lower setting and adjust up as necessary.

Using Scary Decoys

The old method of scarecrows can deter pigeon in your garden. Pigeons don’t like to see large replicas of owls, crows, snakes, and other predators. There are electronic decoys on the market to drive away feral birds from your garden.

The electronic owl is one of the most popular decoys on the market today. It comes with a freely spinning head that is easily moved in a light breeze. The movements are similar to that of a real owl.

The owl will make terrorising sounds via a motion-sensitivity system. The sight of such a decoy is enough to scare most of the feral birds in your garden.

Using Bird Gel Repellents

A bird repellent gel is another effective method of getting rid of feral birds from your garden. It helps keep feral birds off chimneys, window sills, tree limbs, and more.

You just spray the gel in these spots and the birds won’t come back. Bird gels are not like glue rat traps that trap rats and let them endure a long and slow death because they can’t escape the glue trap.

A bird gel is a gel-based translucent paste with a repulsive scent that drives away feral birds. A little gel is enough to get rid of feral birds from your property.

Calling A Professional Feral Bird Management Service

A professional feral bird management service can do an effective job at an affordable cost. A professional bird management service will thoroughly analyse your situation before implementing an effective solution.

They will advise the best method to rectify your feral bird problem. Australia has its own share of feral bird management services.

If you are having issues with feral birds and need some help, then look no further than Feral Bird Management. We have developed modern, sophisticated methods and approaches to eradicating most feral bird problems.

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