How to Get Rid of Pigeons Around the House?

How to Get Rid of Pigeons Around the House

Pigeons are an absolute nuisance in the home and to make things worse, their droppings and loud noises can cause frustrate your family to no end.

Their droppings are known to host a multitude of diseases and pathogens which everyone needs to avoid. 

These faeces even attract other small animals such as rats and mice into one’s home. 

The damage goes beyond this as the droppings are known to be acidic and as such, can ruin your roof and even eat away automobile paint.

Pigeons can wreak havoc in your home in such an immense way and have even been responsible for forcing people to move out from the property. 

For this reason, you need to ensure you take measures that will inhibit pigeons from making a home in your home. 

Following are some tips to help you fight the existence of pigeons in your home.

Anti-Roosting Spikes

Pigeons like to stay on roofs and window surfaces, and because of this, you should ensure that your rooftop is unappealing by installing spikes onto the rooftop. 

For those that live in the cities, the chances of seeing spikes on commercial and residential buildings are quite high, and this means that you can easily access spikes from a nearby hardware store. 

Besides, they can be attached anywhere the pigeons are likely to roost, not only on the roof. This discourages the pigeons from creating a perching environment. 

The reason the birds hate spikes is that they make the landing surface uncomfortable. 

Any household hosting pigeons should consider these spikes because they last for a long time and are not affected by weather changes. 

You can be sure that this method will last a long time. 

Ultrasonic Devices

The advancement of technology has allowed sonic technology to develop. All that is required to purchase this device and install it somewhere in the house. 

Once you turn on the device, it emits a highly irritating sound wave, which causes the pigeons to fly away. 

The only real problem with the device is that when it is turned off, the pigeons still return to the home. Therefore, you basically need to keep it on the whole time.

Furthermore, those sounds may harm other birds that you’re not targeting. 

This strategy may involve you selecting an alternative method so that when the device is off, the pigeons will still find it hard to return.

Home Remedies

Households should avoid feeding pigeons or any other birds on their premises. 

This is because feeding them even once will cause them to constantly return to your home in search of food. 

Pigeons are known to have great memories when it comes to food, and so the last thing you want them to do is to invite them to your home. 

Households should ensure they discard their rubbish properly and avoid food scraps lying outside the home.  

Pigeons dislike spices such as chilli, black pepper and cinnamon. 

You should consider spreading a generous amount of these spices in areas where the pigeons like to gather. 

Another trick you can use is to spread some honey on window grills and other pigeon friendly places. 

Pigeons hate landing on sticky surfaces and the honey might keep them away.

The good news is that pigeons can still be dealt with despite them being stubborn and annoying. 

You should consider using one or more of the options given above if you want to get rid of the pigeons completely. 

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