How to Get Rid of Pigeons & Keep Them Away For Good

Get Rid of Pigeons

Do you have pigeons causing havoc around your home? As lovely as these birds are, it can be stressful having to clean up after them all the time. Read below to learn how you can get rid of them once and for all.

Pigeons have a close, longstanding relationship with human beings. For ages, these birds have been used as a source of food, in communication and entertainment.

This is considered to be the main reason why they no longer appear to be afraid of humans.

However, as useful as they have been in history, these messy and disease-carrying birds can be quite a nuisance if they pick your property as their nesting place.

These birds will not only leave droppings all over the place but also cause damage to your home’s roof, your car and any other surface they are able to poop on.

One of the main reasons why it is so hard to keep pigeons out of your home after they have built a nest is their special ability to always find their home regardless of how far away they fly.

Have you been trying to scare pigeons away from your property, only to have them come back over and over again? Here’s a list of steps you can follow to scare these birds off and keep them away for good.

Seal Entry Points

Take some time and inspect every inch of your property, keeping an eye out for any entry points into your house or shed used by these pesky birds.

Some of the common entry points used by pigeons include openings into the attic, chimneys and air conditioning vents and units.

Cap chimneys and seal off any openings into the attic using a fine mesh. Air conditioning units, which are commonly used for nesting, should also be sealed off using an effective form of netting or mesh.

Make Nesting Places Uninhabitable

Have you spotted any nesting spaces preferred by pigeons in and around your home? If so, take measures to make them unappealing to these pesky birds.

You can tie a string across their roosting areas, an inch above the ground, making it hard for the birds to land there.

Also consider having slanting covers over any surfaces that these birds may want to build a nest over, including ledges and window sills.

Remember to Clear Away Any And All Food Sources

Pigeons are bound to set up shop, in large numbers, in areas where food is freely available.

As such, it is recommended that you avoid feeding these birds; go a step further and trace any other food sources and get rid of them as well.

Once these birds start finding it hard to nest or even find food in your property they are bound to start looking for a new home.

Keeping Pigeons Away From Your Home

There are many ways through which you can keep pigeons from coming back to your home. The simplest and easiest one is through the use of decoys, such as fake owls and snakes.

These implements help scare away the birds before they land. Anti-roosting spikes are also quite effective at keeping pigeons out of your property.

These should be installed over any surface that these birds like to land on, including ledges and window sills.

Gel repellents, although considered to be a temporary solution owning to the fact that they have to be replaced every now and then, are also effective at keeping pigeons from invading your property.

Be sure to use environmentally friendly products if you choose to go down this route.


Pigeons are fearless and friendly birds that seem harmless. However, if allowed to establish a home on your property, they can cause a lot of damage and expose you and your family to serious health risks.

Fortunately, it is possible for homeowners to keep these birds out of their property. Be sure to call in the pros if the above methods prove to be ineffective, or simply need to have the job done the right way the first time around.

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