How Can You Get Rid Of Pigeons Without Harming Them?

Get Rid Pigeons Without Harming Them

Have you got pigeons in and around your home stressing you out? As frustrating as they can be, it is important to remove them without harming them. Let’s take a look below at how you can achieve this.

Pigeons are some of the most common birds you will see whether you live in a big city or a farm. You will often find them around feed mills, farmyards, bridges, city buildings, and parks.

Once they cross the line between public and private property, pigeons can quickly turn into unwelcome residents or pests in your home or place of business.

Pigeons are widely considered as the most serious bird pests in human habitation and are linked to problems such as disease transmission, corrosive damage to vegetation and buildings, as well as food contamination.

If you are experiencing a pesky pigeon problem and would like to get rid of them without harming them, try any of the 7 methods below:

1. Get Rid of Food Sources

If you clean up birdseed, grains, as well as other food sources, you will make your property a less convenient location for pigeons to roost. You should also secure garbage cans and other waste sources.

You can protect your garden using motion-sensing sprinklers or netting. If you are on a farm, you can use drop feeders or other types of feeding system that require livestock to trigger the release of food.

2. Get Rid of Water Sources

It is important to understand that even a small amount of standing water is enough to support a surprisingly large bird population.

Pigeons can fly great distances in search of food and water, but if neither is readily available, then your property won’t be an attractive roosting site for the pigeons.

3. Set Live Traps

Pigeon removal becomes top priority if a pigeon has already entered your property. Setting live traps is a humane way to capture pesky pigeons. Place the pigeon traps in areas where pigeons are likely to be feeding.

Lure them in using freshwater and food. It might take several days to capture them. Once you have baited and captured the pigeons, you should follow the local release methods and regulations.

It is a time-consuming and often dangerous process and should be best left to professionals.

4. Pigeon Spikes

Pigeon spikes, which are attached using clamps or adhesives are ideal for gutters, beams, rafters, and ledges. If done the right way, they are highly effective at keeping pigeons away.

If done poorly, however, they can provide pigeons with the perfect nesting area. Spikes are durable, but require maintenance from time to time since twigs and debris can protect pigeons from the spikes.

5. Bird Netting

You can block off large, open spaces such as gardens, eaves, roofs, trees, lofts, etc. using bird netting. You can purchase the bird netting from companies that deal with bird pest control.

For pigeons, the ideal bird netting is a UV resistant, high-density, polyurethane net with 0.75” squares.

6. Ledge Modification

Modifying your ledge is a highly effective yet humane way to get rid of pigeons.

You should find a contractor to transform the previously comfortable, flat roosting spot that pigeons love into an uncomfortable 45 to 60-degree incline. Alternatively, you can buy products designed specifically for this purpose.

7. Electrified Tracking

A non-lethal dose of electricity is one of the most effective pigeon deterrents. Like pigeon spikes, these products are great for beams, gutters, ledges, as well as any other surface the pigeons are using to roost.

The best products are those most resistant to water damage.

Call A Professional

The 7 methods for getting rid of pigeons without harming them discussed here might be effective, but sometimes the problem is too large to handle on your own.

Whether it is setting up traps or modifying your ledges, the professionals at Feral Bird Management will assess your problem and implement a suitable product or service to effectively get rid of pigeons from your property, permanently.

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