How to Keep Your Garden Safe from Birds

How to Keep Your Garden Safe from Birds

Is your garden safe from birds? That’s what you need to ask yourself if you want your vegetable or flower garden to prosper.

Of course, no matter where you start your garden, there are always birds looking to tear it apart.

You don’t have to use toxic or inhumane tactics to keep birds from your garden. Try the following safe methods for the best results.

1. Scarecrows

If you need to keep the birds away from your garden, you need a scarecrow.

Of course, you should remember that if the scarecrow doesn’t move, the birds will notice. Therefore, you should try switching things up.

For instance, make sure it’s flapping around then change the accessories or clothing as often as possible.

You can add some reflective CDs or other items since the light will scare the birds away.

2. Garden Netting

If the birds still keep coming to your garden even after the scarecrows are in place, you need to consider garden netting.

You can add some hoops and pull over some butterfly netting. It’s a good way to protect the crops in your garden from any birds.

Keep netting large enough to allow bees to pollinate.

You need to be extra careful when using the netting. Make sure it’s pulled tight because if it’s loose, other animals will get through.

You should invest in high-quality netting that can last a long time and provide good service during that time.

3. Chicken Wire

If you have a chicken coop, you will have come across chicken wire. This can also be used on the ground to prevent birds from destroying your garden.

It’s a good way to protect any seeds that have been recently planted or tubers.

It will prevent birds including chickens from getting in the garden and scratching the soil.

When the plants grow, you can lift the wire up or bend it around hoops to avoid chocking the plants.

4. Garden Fleece

A lot of farmers often use garden fleece to protect crops from frosts. Well, you can also use it to protect the shorter crops from birds.

It’s a fine white material that can be draped over any plants in your garden for the best results. Use pegs or rocks to weigh down the sides.

You can always roll it back when harvesting anything in your garden. It’s a good way to prevent birds from ruining your garden.

5. Plastic Predators or Toy Snakes

Birds will naturally flee from their predators so you can take advantage of this to keep them from your garden.

You can buy plastic predators or place toy snakes in your garden. For instance, place a falcon or decoy owl in your garden to keep away the birds.

These are some of the predators the smaller birds such as sparrows, pigeons, and blackbirds might be afraid of.

Find a way to move the decoy around the garden so the birds might assume the predators are taking different positions.

6. Garden Spinners

Any sudden movements in your garden will scare birds. You can use plastic bags, streamers or garden spinners to achieve this effect.

Of course, you should avoid using anything plastic that might become litter when blown away.

Alternatively, you can pin it down to prevent such issues. You should move the garden spinners around the garden to scare the birds away effectively.


Failure to scare away birds can affect your ability to harvest anything from your garden.

Choose any one of the methods discussed above and apply it to your garden.

Alternatively, you can look for the most effective options for the birds specific to your region.

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