How to Remove Bird Nests from Your Roof

How to Remove Bird Nests from Your Roof

Bird nests on rooves are an ugly sight and are also a massive inconvenience. 

They can be embarrassing and dangerous, especially if the birds making a home on your roof are dangerous species such as pigeons. 

Furthermore, these nests may even block the vents, and this may cause them not to function correctly and cause health issues in the home. 

Getting rid of bird nests on the roof is not so difficult, but households should ensure they consider the risks and laws of birds nest removal in their area. 

As much as the law might protect birds and their nests, there are still legal ways you use to get rid of the birds and their nests. 

For this reason, you are advised to do your research so that you can learn about some of the safe ways you can employ to ensure you do not cause yourself or the birds any harm. 

Below is some advice to help one get rid of bird nests on your roof.

Roof Maintenance

To discourage birds from forming nests on your roof, the first thing you need to do is invest in maintaining the roof. 

Birds tend to take advantage of and build nests if they realise that the roof has holes and gaps in it. 

This becomes their home as the holes and gaps provide an element of shelter for their nests.

Roofs with polyurethane foam also tend to attract birds due to the high insular material, making it a good dwelling place for birds. 

If possible, you should ensure you replace this type of roofing to avoid birds’ nests. 

You should also fix all the holes on the roof and clear off any gravel present on the rooftop. 

You should beware of any gravel on the roof because pigeons tend to eat gravel and will also build their nests on that roof as they see it as a source of food.

Inspect the Nest

Before removing the nest, the first thing you should do is to inspect it. 

You should check if the nest has eggs inside it. If the nest is occupied or has eggs, you should not touch it. 

If the nest is empty, you should first seek to decontaminate it, possibly with a pesticide spray before removing it. 

The reason it is advised to decontaminate the nest is that nests may contain fleas, ticks or even bedbugs. 

You should also ensure you wear long-sleeved shirts and a pair of gloves when attempting to remove the nest. 

You are advised not to take any action if the nest is occupied because this may not be accepted under the law in some areas. 

You should take the initiative to understand the law in your area before attempting to remove the nest.

Hire a Professional

If you do not feel comfortable removing the nest for whatever reason, you are advised to seek the services of a professional. 

Hiring professionals is a great option because they have the necessary experience needed to remove the nests safely. 

Besides, they have all the safety equipment and know which procedure they are supposed to follow and also the laws surrounding the removal of bird nests. 

The other great thing about professionals is that they can execute the task safely, whether the nest is occupied or not.

Getting rid of bird nests can be a daunting task, especially if you have never done it before. 

If you feel you cannot do it yourself for whatever reason, you should liaise with a professional company to do it on your behalf.

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