How To Stop Birds From Building Nests On Your Balcony

Stop Birds Building Nests Balcony

Do you have birds nesting on your balcony? Are they creating a mess and causing you stress? If so, you need to learn more about how to stop these menaces from nesting on your balcony.

Birds are magnificent creatures, and most of us enjoy watching them gracefully flying in the sky.

However, these majestic creatures can become a serious nuisance when they invade our living spaces and make them uncomfortable and dirty.

Birds are attracted to some parts of our homes and yards for specific reasons, and if you do not scare them away early enough, your yard could be full of them within no time.

If you live in an apartment block you more than likely have a balcony. This may be the only bit of outdoor space you get to enjoy.

If this is the case, having birds nesting on your balcony can be a major hassle. If you are to stop birds from building nests on your balcony, it helps to understand why having bird nests here is a bad thing.

One could argue that some bird species are harmless and just need a place to shelter, but this is not always the case.

Reasons Why Nests Are Bad for Your Balcony

One possible danger of letting birds nest in your home is the possibility of allowing invasive species into your area.

Some birds migrate from different regions and are invasive in nature, meaning that they breed very quickly and can force away other birds in your area.

Bird enthusiasts who want to keep the native species in their area encourage people to keep watch for invasive nesters that might seek shelter on balconies and other areas around your home.

Nests are by no means neat and can make your balcony very messy. Raising chicks is very messy, and all the debris in the nest will be deposited on your balcony including feces, sticks, feathers, discarded food, and all manner of junk.

Birds that have chicks are known to be very protective, even if they have invaded your space. Some of them are extra aggressive and can attack your family members even if they do not interfere with them.

How To Discourage Birds From Nesting in Your Balcony

You can keep birds from nesting in your balcony in various ways without harming them or reducing the chances of them raising their chicks.

Birds might use your balcony as an entrance to safer and more convenient places to build nests such as slope ledges and beneath house eaves.

If such areas can be accessed through your balcony, you need to make them less attractive for nesting.

Birds prefer to build nests in quiet and undisturbed places. You can scare them away by making your balcony messy for them. A good way of doing this is by putting mirrors that reflect random flashes of light regularly.

Such light will make the birds feel uncomfortable and discourage them from settling there. If the mirrors are big enough, their reflections will fool them into thinking that the are has already been claimed.

If your balcony if full of stuff that you do not need, clean it up. Birds like to build nests in tight spaces where they are not exposed to the outside world.

If your balcony is spotlessly clean and free of items that a bird can build its nest in, or hide, it will look for other options.

If you have a vast property, you can build other places that are suitable for bird nesting, and this will discourage them from nesting on your balcony. If you have trees, put up birdhouses, and they will readily build nests there.

Birds are persistent creatures, and you cannot deter them away using one method. You need to act fast before they set base, and it is advisable to use a combination of methods to keep them away from your balcony.

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