How to Stop Birds and Pigeons Nesting and Becoming Pests

How to Stop Birds and Pigeons Nesting and Becoming Pests

Birds are not just messy, noisy creatures that can become very irritating and pesky but also carry diseases that are transferable to human beings.

In addition, they are full of parasites that can cause illnesses and diseases in human beings.

It is therefore not recommended to touch a bird or their nests if it can be avoided.

There are certain preventative measures that can, however, be taken to stop birds and pigeons from nesting and becoming a problem in the first place:

1. Use Reflective Materials

Hanging mirrors or other reflective materials around the area where you don’t want pigeons (and most other bird species) to nest is a great deterrent.

These materials reflect light causing flashes as they move.

Birds are afraid of these types of flashes of light and it will basically scare the birds away and stop them from nesting.

You can also purchase reflective lights from your local hardware store that are designed specifically to keep birds away.

2. Spicy Scents

Some types of scents are offensive to pigeons and birds in general and will keep them away.

Hang sachets of spices such as cinnamon or chilli powder around the area where they are most frequently spotted. They will quickly find another place to roost.

3. A Scarecrow

It may seem a bit old-fashioned but scarecrows are still good bird deterrents.

However, if you want your scarecrows to continue functioning successfully, use some modern technology to give this old trick an upgrade.

Install a motion sensor to set off an alarm when a bird lands on the scarecrow or make it move every now and again so that the birds don’t get wise to the fact that it is not a human.

4. Natural Predators

Natural predators are a great way to keep birds away. Either get a cat or dog or you can have the fake, stuffed versions placed strategically around your property.

Snakes are one of the greatest natural predators of birds, their eggs and their young so a few rubber snakes hanging around should help alleviate your bird problem.

5. Netting

Netting is one of the most effective means of getting rid of a pigeon or bird problem.

The netting is fine and can therefore not be detected by birds.

They will fly directly into the netting and become trapped every time they try to enter your property.

The downside is that the nets will need to be checked regularly and the trapped birds released.

Birds are however pretty quick learners and will stop returning to your property knowing that they will simply get trapped again and again.

It is important to familiarise yourself with the regulations for managing and controlling bird populations in your area.

Most types of tactics that are used as preventative or eradication methods will need to meet with certain standards and specifications.

It is also important to pay attention to when you apply bird control techniques.

If there are young birds in the nest, they will starve to death if their parents do not return. This is considered inhumane and penalties may apply.

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