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Avipoint Bird Proofing Spikes

AviPoint is a versatile range of precision engineered bird spikes designed to provide effective and humane control of problem urban birds. The upward pointing wires or ‘spikes’ act as a physical barrier to the birds without hurting them. The clever design means that just four types of spike provide the solution to virtually every situation where spikes are suitable. This reduces the need to carry several different stock lines.
The AviPoint ‘P’ series can be used to protect buildings against pigeons in a wide variety of situations, from day time perching to night roosting sites and from the narrowest pipes to the widest of building ledges. There is also an AviPoint ‘G’ series with significantly longer spikes designed to deter gulls from landing.
There are four spikes in the range: P14 – P20 – P32 and G20. The number refers to the number of spikes on each strip.