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Bird Beware Spikes

Arguably the best system on the market, Bird Beware is ready assembled anti-roosting system designed to stop medium to large pest birds from roosting in many areas. This system is ideally suited for use in heavily infested situations. The angled wires increase the effectiveness of the area it covers, thus eliminating the need for multiple rows of single wire systems on wide ledges. The Bird Beware system will cover a ledge up from 150 – 200mm wide.
The heavy duty base is made from UV-safe clear plastic. It can be snapped off into small sections to be fitted into hard to do areas.  This makes them ideally suited for statues, signs etc. The base is 320mm in length. They have pre drilled holes in the base which can be used to screw the system to wooden surfaces. The wires are stainless steel and are secured firmly in to the base. They are also very flexible and can conform to curves if needed for such uses as signs, buildings etc. The wires are blunt and won’t hurt the birds when landing is attempted.