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Anti Bird Netting

Prevent birds from gaining entry to convenient roosting and nesting areas on your property with tough plastic bird netting. Seal off all structural openings and other havens for pest birds looking to roost. You can solve bird problems at your plant, office complex, warehouse, sports facility, or nearly anywhere easily and inexpensively.  The tough, nearly invisible netting keeps pigeons, swallows, crows, seagulls and other pest birds out once and for all.
Easy installation and nearly no upkeep make bird netting a hassle free sensible choice. It is lightweight, pliable, and UV stabilised – so it won’t deteriorate with age or lose strength when exposed to the elements.
Bird netting is also ideal protection for vineyards, orchards and other agricultural concerns. It creates bird-proof enclosures that allow all of the light and moisture to reach your crops.