Top 5 Bird Problems On Your Roof That You Never Knew About

Bird Problems On Your Roof

What is the effect of having birds on your roof? Can they damage your roof? Can birds cause any problems in and around your home? Let’s take a deeper look in the article below.

The warm spring weather signals the start of the nesting season for birds. During this time, most homeowners will find all sorts of birds trying to build a home somewhere in or on the roof of their homes.

After all, the roof gives them the opportunity to not only get some much-needed sunshine but also escape, or at least spot any approaching predators from a distance.

However, as a homeowner, you might find yourself wondering about the effect of these new neighbours on your home. Following are five problems caused by birds on your roof that you may not know about.

1. Aesthetics

Having birds atop your property’s roof for an extended period can negatively affect its aesthetic appeal. Birds are known to be quite messy, pooping all over just about any surface they regularly step on.

If you have a number of birds spending time on your roof, you can expect it to be littered with bird poop in no time.

This also applies to any cars parked outside within the property and other surfaces in the surrounding area, including adjacent yards, the driveway and even your home’s walls.

2. Roof Leaks

While it might sound surprising, birds can cause leaks in your home’s roof and exterior walls. How does this happen exactly? Birds drag all sorts of debris on to your roof when building their nests.

These materials eventually find their way into your home’s gutter system. As the debris accumulates within the gutters, working their way deeper into them, serious blockages are likely to occur.

This renders the gutter system useless, causing a serious drainage problem and forcing rainwater to fall from the roof surface and accumulate on the ground.

Poor drainage on the roof may also lead to the formation of pools of rainwater on the roof surface, increasing the likelihood of roof leaks as well.

3. Fire Hazards

Birds usually like to build their nests in warm cosy areas, where they are going to be sheltered away from the elements as well as any predators. The safest and warmest areas usually turn out to be along vents and chimneys.

The nests, which are usually made out of highly flammable, dry materials, such as lint, strands of grass and twigs, end up blocking the vents and chimneys, packed full of hot air, thus presenting a serious fire hazard.

4. Damage To Roofing Materials

Bird poop is highly acidic. As previously, stated, once these creatures set up on the roof of your home or anywhere on the property, they swiftly start defecating on just about any surface they step on.

The acids in the bird poop start eating away at roofing materials, leading to the start of the slow but serious degradation of your roof and guttering.

5. Health Concerns

Last but not least, birds are known to carry up to 60 different types of transmittable diseases including avian flu, fungal diseases and salmonellosis among others.

Harbouring these creatures is nothing short of putting your health and that of your loved ones at risk.


If you do not want to spend your time and money on maintenance and repair work meant to erase all the damage that birds inflict on your property, it is recommended that you find an effective and humane way of keeping them away.

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