Top Tips To Stop Birds Nesting In Your Roof

Do you have birds nesting in your roof? This can cause a whole myriad of problems including creating a mess, spreading diseases and causing noise. Please read below for some top tips to stop these pests.

Waking up to tweeting birds can be a soothing or a nightmare, depending on who you ask. However, one thing that every homeowner reckons is not a good thing is the destruction of their roof by birds.

While birds might seem harmless, they can be destructive to your roof by dislodging roofing tiles and damaging the roofline.

If you are want to keep birds from nesting in your roof and causing the damage mentioned above, you should take steps to enclose the eaves as well as the chimney if your house has a fireplace. You can do this by:

  • Enclose the eaves
  • Install bird guards on your chimney
  • Use audio deterrence
  • Use visual deterrence

Enclose The Eaves

The eaves are the space between the roof and the fascia of your home. While this space might seem small, in most cases, it is large enough for small-sized birds to wiggle their way in and find ample space to create a nest.

As such, you need to install eaves guards/eaves protectors that cover any small gaps that exist between the roof’s overhang and the fascia.

This will stop birds from accessing these small gaps, effectively stopping birds from nesting in your roof.

Install Bird Guards On Your Chimney

The chimney is another access route through which birds can access your roof and create a nest.

There are different types of chimney guards, such as bird guards, chimney caps, or comb filler, which create a physical barrier between the outdoor and the interior potions of the chimney.

Depending on the size of chimney and the kids of pests birds, you want to keep out, either of the three chimney accessories will suffice.

Use Audio Deterrence

While covering the eave and the chimney will go a long way in stopping birds from nesting in your roof.

However, in some cases, it may be challenging to cover every area of the eave or some chimney, leaving certain parts of your roof susceptible to bird infestation. In such a situation, you can try active deterrents that scare birds away.

Sound deterrents are a good choice as it stops birds from nesting in your roof in a human manner. Bird sound deterrents produce the natural sounds of predators and birds in distress.

The combination of these sounds frighten, confuse, and disorient the birds, reducing the chances of the birds making your roof their home.

Use Visual Deterrents

Just like audio deterrents, you can use visual deterrents to keep small birds from attempting to nest in your roof. There many visual deterrence products on the market, including static plastic scare owls.

However, a better option is to invest in a mobile deterrence scare bird. For instance, there are bright inflatable balloons that have holographic eyes that create the illusion of the eye following the birds.

Additionally, the inflatable scare birds are installed with a spring attachment that gives the owl movement.

The combination of the movement and the scary eyes make such scare birds effective deterrents and stop birds from nesting in your roof.


Preventing birds from nesting in your roof does not have to be a complicated endeavour. The tips outlined above are very useful at protecting your roof. Nonetheless, make it a habit to inspect the roof to ensure your roof is free of birds.

Even better, consider hiring professionals to inspect your roof for signs of birds nesting in your roof. And if birds enamour you and you would like to have some in your property, the roof of your house is not an ideal nesting ground.

A better option is to build a bid nest that birds can colonise.

You can stop birds from nesting around your home using the 7 simple methods discussed here.

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