Discover The Types Of Methods To Scare Birds

Bird Control Methods

Scaring birds is something that you may have to do from time to time. This can be because you want to keep the birds out of your garden, but it can even be because you do not want to have the birds building a nest in the gutters of your home.

The problem you may have is not knowing about what methods you should be using to scare the birds off of the property. With that being said, you should know about the methods that will work best for scaring off the birds and keeping the birds away, without causing any major harm to the birds.


The scarecrow is an old standby and it will work for a time period, but over time if you have this up for a long period of time and do not move it around you will find the birds are going to get used to the scarecrow that is standing in the garden or the area that you are putting the scarecrow.


When you are using this method, you will find that it is going to be important for you to look at the different clothing and styles that you can use. This will make it easier for you to get the changes made to the scarecrow and will help to keep the birds from getting used to the scarecrow.

Not only that, when you do change the clothes or move the scarecrow it allows you to protect more of the garden and keep it safe.

A Hawk Kite

A kite may not seem like it would be that good of an idea to use, but if you are using what a lot of people would consider to be a hawk type of kite it will help you in getting the removal of the birds from the property. The reason the birds will go away is the hawk is seen as a major predator for the birds. If you have a hawk kite up, the birds will see this as a predator that is circling overhead and if you have a hawk call recorded and use it as well it will definitely help to prevent the birds from feeling the urge to come into the property.

If you do not have a hawk in the area as a predatory bird then you will want to find a kite that does look like the predatory bird. Then you will be able to put this kite up and know it will help to keep the birds at bay as they will be scared of being attacked by the predator that is circling overhead. The downside is you do need to have a fair amount of wind to keep the kite in the air for the amount of time you need to have it up.


When you are looking at some of the birds they will really detest the lasers that you can get. The lasers are a new light and since you are using them they will allow you to pinpoint the birds and put the laser light right on the birds. A key thing to consider is any local restrictions you may have on the use of lasers in the area and how you would be using them.

If you are near an airport you would have to be very careful with how you are going to use the lasers as it could be illegal to use laser if you are within a set distance from an airport.


Just like the lasers, you will find this is a method you are going to control where this is going to happen and how often. However, this is a method that will produce quite a bit of noise and it will keep the birds away and if you throw the smaller ones towards the nest, if they do not have eggs, it tends to scare off the birds completely.

Just like with the use of lasers, it is very important for you to look at the local restrictions on the use of fireworks in your area. It is also important to consider any birds that you could end up injuring in the process of the fireworks being used.

Being able to keep birds off of your property is a challenge, but it is definitely something that you have to do if you want to have your property looking safe and clean all the time or are tired of the birds building nest in your gutters.

If you have tried out the methods that are suggested above or want to get a professionals help in controlling the birds then you may want to contact a professional bird control management service that has multiple methods that will help you in getting rid of the birds from your property and keep it safe.