What You Can Do To Scare Birds Away

Bird Control

Birds can be considered pests when they choose to nest or roost in regions where their debris and faeces can be considered a hazard. Every year, homeowners and building owners spend significant time and money cleaning and repairing the damage caused by birds. These problems are not just unsightly, but their faeces can spread transmittable diseases. Sanitation, health and safety hazards caused by these droppings can also pose severe liability risks if they are left untreated.

So, how do you safely fight back these bird pests?

Modern Bird Proofing Techniques

Solutions for bird control nowadays combine technology with some traditional bird psychology to deter them. Bird deterrents today cover a huge spectrum of bird types and sizes, as well as applications.

Bird Spikes

The first and probably the most common bird control device is the bird spike. These strips appear threatening, but they are actually blunted and safe for our feathered friends, pets and even human beings. It is quite obvious how they work. Birds are simply unable to land on them. The strips are made of durable stainless steel and rigid polycarbonate spikes. Installation is straightforward and can be done on almost any flat surface and ledge.

There are various types of bird spikes for various applications. The Mega Spike, for instance, is the king of bird spikes. It features spikes of up to 7 inches high, enough to deter most turkey vultures, raptors, seagulls and other large birds. The spikes are designed from marine-grade steel that lasts longer.

You should always look for spikes that have a non-reflective metal finish. The best ones ideally have an ultraviolet protected polycarbonate base that can be angled to fit some curved surfaces.

If you are looking to deter pest birds from your gutters, then you should look for Gutter Spikes. They work relatively well in discouraging birds such as pigeons, crows, seagulls and other large birds from gutters. Similar to most spikes, gutter spikes consist of two-foot-long strips. The best have adjustable clamps for easier installation to the gutter lips.

Bird Control with Safe Chemicals

There is no denying that pest birds are annoying and cause damage, however, the last thing you want is to hurt these feathered pals. That is why using lethal chemicals is unacceptable.

Say hello to Bird Misters and Foggers. These systems involve a fine mist of methyl anthranilate. It is basically a grape extract that is harmless to both humans and birds.

However, it bugs the pest birds as they fly through the chemical. Fog or mist systems range from simple to complex. The simple ones have a canister of chemicals and a sprayer while the complex ones incorporate times and nozzles that enable you to direct the fog to specific regions at varying durations.

Birds Dislike Spiders

Most individuals are not fond of spiders, but birds are not fond of one particular type known as the Bird Spider. This is simply a device with spindly that is quite effective is scaring off pest birds. Perhaps you have come across a bird spider in canvas boat covers, patios, awnings and even restaurants. The device comes in an array of arm lengths in suited for warding off a wide range of bird species.

Bird Control With Netting

Bird Netting

This is a pretty straightforward bird control technique. If the birds cannot get in, then they cannot do damage. Nets have been used for years to bird proof huge areas such as vineyards, patios, groves and enclosed courtyards.

Depending on the type that you want to deter, the sizes of the meshes vary to deter sparrows, pigeons, seagulls and starlings. The best nets are flame resistant, U.V stabilized, water and rot proof.

Bird Slopes

If they cannot land, then they cannot roost. That is how bird slopes protect numerous properties from bird pests. Simply put, they are PVC panels that can fit almost anywhere and prevent birds from getting a grip.

The birds make several attempts to land and after failure, they abandon the place and look for better landing sites. These angled planes are excellent for use on ledges, eaves, beams etc. They are also easy to install and deter a wide array of pest birds.

Bird Goo

Birds dislike it when their feet are stuck in literally anything. Bird goo or gel will not trap them, but it is gooey enough to feel like it might trap them. This substance will deter a huge array of bird species and will work on almost any surface. Bird gels have been successfully used on ledges, conduit pipes, parapet walls and l-beams.

However, the substance hardens after several months and so, you will need another application for the best bird control results.

There are numerous safe ways to deter pest birds today. You no longer have to keep up with the noise, damage and unsightly droppings. For the best results, it is advisable to use professionals such as Feral Bird Management for bird control. Contact us today!