Why Is It Bad To Have Birds Nesting In Your Roof?

Bad Birds Nesting In Roof

Do you have birds nesting in your roof? Are you aware of the problems that this can cause? Let’s take a look in more detail in the article below.

Because birds have lost most of their natural nest sites due to human invasion, roofs have become a vital sanctuary for them.

Many bird species have become a matter of conservation concern due to a steady decline in population over the years. However, that being said, birds and their droppings can cause considerable damage to buildings.

Birds can cause considerable damage to all types of roofing, particularly asphalt shingles or any tar-based roofing material, as well as air conditioning equipment.

Here are some of the most common problems that birds, their nests, and droppings can cause:

Roof Damage

Bird droppings are the most destructive as they are extremely acidic and can cause considerable damage as it eats away at roofing materials and other structures of a building.


Bird nests, particularly pigeons, are known to carry many types of diseases that can be harmful to humans. These diseases can easily spread to the interior of a home through the ventilation system.

Bird mites and fleas can easily travel from nests to the interior of a home, causing all kinds of health problems. These little critters feed off the birds and drop into the nests.

Flea and mite populations build up very quickly and soon they will come looking for new hosts like the inhabitant of your home.

Particularly nasty diseases such as SARS and Salmonella bacteria, found in bird droppings and on the eggs of infected birds, can be transferred to humans.

Airborne fungal diseases from infected birds can cause serious illnesses to develop in humans, similar to a severe form of the flu.

Blocked Gutters and Drains

Other dangers to watch out for are nests in gutters and drains which can block the drainage system, causing serious damage to the substrate of the roof.

The continual overflow from blocked gutters can also cause water to penetrate the foundations and walls of a building, causing extensive and costly damage.

Fire Risk

Another danger is the risk of fire since nesting materials are usually made of dried grasses and twigs. If the nest is built next to an electric supply it could catch fire.

Blocked Air Flow

Birds can also nest in chimneys and ventilation systems, blocking the airflow and causing smoke to back up into the building.

Blocked air vents can prevent air from circulating around the roof interior which is necessary to keep it dry and cool.


Bird droppings can make a massive mess in entrances and footpaths of buildings and homes and cause considerable expense to have it removed on a regular basis.

If the problem becomes excessive it can also pose a safety hazard. When wet it can become extremely slippery which could present possible legal consequences for the owner of the building.

What Can You Do To Prevent Birds From Nesting In Your Roof?

There are a number of DIY things you can try to prevent birds from nesting in your roof such as bird spikes.

However, if you have no success with other methods, then its time to call in the professionals to safely remove all nests and decontaminate the space where the birds were nesting.

Professional bird removal companies have the knowledge and expertise to deal with the problem of bird-nesting in a safe and effective way without causing unnecessary harm to wildlife.

They will also give you guidance and advice on how to prevent the problem from recurring and how to spot a potential problem before it becomes serious.

Keep birds away from your home by eliminating available water and food sources from around the house. To prevent diseases from spreading, clean up all bird droppings on a regular basis but be careful.

Whenever you come into contact with bird droppings, wear protective clothing and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

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